The United States is introducing tougher rules for obtaining export permits for microelectronics, as well as avionics and aircraft parts using American technology. The US Department of Commerce announced this on Thursday in an explanatory note.

“This regulation adds new licensing requirements for all export control classification numbers <…>. Some of the items <…> were not previously controlled for Russia and include microelectronics, telecommunications equipment, sensors, navigation equipment, avionics, marine equipment and aircraft components,” the document states.
According to the department, the new restrictions imposed as sanctions on the Russian Federation due to the situation around Ukraine „primarily target the defense, aviation and maritime sectors and will cut off Russia’s access to important technological resources.”
In addition, the United States calls for similar restrictions on exports to the Russian Federation for allied states, and in return, countries that agree will receive preferences in licensing their products in the United States. Similar rules, according to the US authorities, have already been adopted by the European Union, Australia, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.