Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has announced a new package of British sanctions against Russia in response to the military operation in Ukraine. The corresponding statement was made by the head of the British government on Thursday, speaking in the House of Commons of the British Parliament.

„Today, together with the United States, we are introducing a complete freeze on VTB’s assets,” Johnson said. In addition to VTB, Rostec, the United Aircraft Corporation, the United Shipbuilding Corporation, Uralvagonzavod fell under the sanctions. TASS has requested comments from these companies.
“VTB is owned or associated with the Russian government and has received significant financial support from the Russian government, which is involved in actions to destabilize Ukraine, undermine and threaten its territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence,” the updated sanctions list says.
Johnson explained that as part of the new package of sanctions, his government would ban Russian banks from making payments in pounds and dollars. “We will be able to completely exclude Russian banks from the UK financial system, which, of course, is the largest in Europe by a wide margin. We will prevent them from accessing the pound and clearing through UK [financial institutions]. With half of Russian trade currently in dollars and pounds, I am pleased to announce that the US House of Representatives is taking similar action,” he said.