NZDJPY Weekly Chart NZDJPY Weekly Chart NZD/JPY The weekly chart is one of the most interesting at the moment as it draws the September high. If it breaks, it will take the pair back to 2015 levels and when the pair touched 9 .00. NZDJPY The general feeling is that yen weakness is over as USD/JPY rose to 150.00, but this chart and a few others suggest that USD weakness is more true. Antipodean currencies recently benefited from speculation about the reopening of China, and AUD/JPY also had a solid week. The rise of the pair is also reminiscent of the old stock market. The RBNZ cash rate is now .25%, with another 50 basis points expected in February. That is a strong yen exchange, even if yen exchange rates are reset, although the risks to global economic growth are high.