Credit Suisse (CS) confirmed Deutsche Bank’s weaker performance. This means that Schweizer Bank’s stock experts believe that Deutsche Bank’s stock will underperform other stocks in the segment. The target price of the share listed on the DAX exchange is 10.50 euros. The share price of the financial group ended XETRA trading at EUR 10.1 on Friday. According to CS research, Deutsche Bank (WKN: 51 000, ISIN: DE00051 0008, chart) is inferior in terms of total return due to equity constraints compared to Basel requirements. Basel- are the guidelines of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision that define minimum capital requirements and risk measurement methods for banks. Analysts also point out that Deutsche Bank’s profit target for next year is higher than consensus estimates. This is an average of estimates made by stock analysts at Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank Shares Buy Signal Still Active A look at the Deutsche Bank (WKN: 51 000, ISIN: DE00051 0008, Chart) stock chart shows a recent break above the €9.79 / €9.91 resistance area. After a temporary rise from EUR 10,616, there was a consolidation in the price range in recent days, which has now become support. So far, the support level has resisted a pullback, meaning the latest technical buy signal for Deutsche Bank shares remains active.