Moscow. July 13. INTERFAX.RU – The Avito ad service became the owner of 67% of the used car ad aggregator Haraba, follows from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

The deal is structured through Avito’s main operating company, Kekh Ekommerts LLC, since July 13, the company owns 67% of Kharaba LLC.

„Kharaba” was registered in 2019 in Dagestan. Before the deal, Haraba was co-owned by 5 individuals: Gadzhi Kurbanov, Andrei Reduto (31.88% each), Kamil Gadzhiev (21.25%), Mikhail Tyurin (10%), Dmitry Kovalev (5%).

The Haraba website says that the service aggregates ads for the sale of used cars from all popular sites. Thus, the share of ads from Avito is 41%, from Drom – 25%, – 23%, Yula – 6%, SberAvto – 2.5%, from dealer websites – 2.5%.