Can Verbio Shares Hold the 200-Day Line as Technical Support? The range is volatile, having already been briefly pushed lower on Monday, but without a solid chart technical sell signal for the biofuel stocks. But the pressure hasn’t eased much since then, and a temporary recovery to €69.15 on Tuesday sent Verbio shares back to their 200-day moving average yesterday. The value of , XETRA transactions was 65.35 euros (-2.75 percent). Tradegate spot rates on Thursday morning are 65.05/65.25 euros. 200-day line in focus Verbio (WKN: A0JL9W, ISIN: DE000A0JL9W6, Chart )’s slide below the daily low of €6 .65 on Monday could be interpreted as a sell signal for biofuel stocks. Confirmation would be that after the previous price rally, the trend of Verbio shares turned down from 39.10 euros in mid-June 2022 to 87.65 euros in mid-November. So the downside buffer isn’t exactly big for Verbio stock. Below 62.15 euros, however, another possible zone of technical support begins in case of a break. On the other hand, if the share price of the East German company returns to the 200-day mark, there may be a chance for the upward trend to continue. The first hurdles for Verbio shares would then be around EUR 69.15 and range from EUR 69.95/70.30 to EUR 71. 5/71.65.