USD/MXN is moving away from last Thursday’s lows, extending its losses to new multi-year lows around $18. 0. USD/MXN Price Analysis: A break below $18. 0 paved the way to $18.00. USD/MXN touched a near 1/2-year low of 18. 85, last seen in October 2018, extending losses for the week by 0.89%. At the time of writing, USD/MXN was trading at 18. 161. Since the beginning of the week, the Mexican peso (MXN) has shown resistance to record a daily loss against. green back (USD). Although USD/MXN ended Tuesday’s session in the red, prices are reluctant to break the strong resistance around the 20-day exponential moving average (EMA) at the intraday level of 18.7999. While USD/MXN was up 0.31 percent on price analysis, the big heart on the body of Tuesday’s candle predicted what was to come for the rest of the week. Therefore, USD / MXN fell for two consecutive days and moves to the psychological level of 18.00, decisively breaking the $ 18.50 level. The next support at USD/MXN is on August 7, 2018, at the intraday low of 18. 0 7. A breach of the latter and the next support would be the psychological barrier of $18.00. After clearing, USD/MXN falls on April 17, 2018 and swings to a low of 17.9388, which would be bullish. Conversely, if USD/MXN retraces $18.50, it could open the door to a recovery. Therefore, USD/MXN’s first resistance would be the 20-day EMA at 18.7312, followed by the February 9 daily high and the 50-day EMA consolidating around 18.9922. After a breakout, the next stop is the 100-day EMA at 19.2869.