Moscow. June 24. INTERFAX.RU – The US dollar and the euro decreased on the Moscow Exchange following the results of trading on Friday, the ruble rose against the dual-currency basket before the peak of tax payments in June.

The US dollar exchange rate was 53.4 rubles/$1 at 19:00, which is 6.5 kopecks lower than the closing level of the previous trades. The euro cost 56.07 rubles/EUR1, depreciating by 13 kopecks. The cost of the dual-currency basket ($0.55 and EUR0.45) decreased by 9.4 kopecks to 54.6 rubles.

According to Interfax-CEA experts, the ruble finished trading on Friday before the peak of tax payments in June. At the beginning of next week, exporting companies will have to transfer VAT, MET and excises to the budget, and a little later – income tax. The ruble continues to be supported by high oil prices.

Inflation expectations of the population rose in June after declining in May and April, approaching the values ​​of August-September 2021, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation announced on Friday. Short-term price expectations of enterprises, according to the monitoring of the Central Bank, on the contrary, continued to decline in June, returning to the level of last spring.

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