Moscow. June 24. INTERFAX.RU – The reduction in budget spending due to the adjustment of the damper for gasoline in 2022 is estimated at 100 billion rubles. Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Sazanov told reporters about this.

Answering a question about how budget expenditures will change in connection with the adjustment of the damper for gasoline, Sazanov said: „It depends on the exchange rate ( ruble-dollar – IF ), according to estimates, about 100 billion rubles.”

He also clarified that the current adjustment of the gasoline damper is a temporary norm: “It will be valid for only four months, from September to December 2022. At this stage, the adjustment is made only for 2022, because it is unclear what will happen to the demand for our petroleum products in 2023″.

Sazanov added that the damper adjustment is not required for diesel fuel, because „for diesel, there is no such significant discount in export sales as for motor gasoline.”

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