An additional 28 billion rubles from the reserve fund of the Russian government will be allocated to accelerate the construction of the M12 high-speed toll highway from Moscow to Kazan, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers reported, citing a corresponding order signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

„Additional funding will allow early commissioning of several sections of the route in various regions of the country, for example, in the Vladimir region, where 26 km of the road will be built. In addition, a backlog will be created to accelerate the implementation of the project in 2023,” the press release notes. cabinet release.

The source of funding will be the government’s reserve fund.

It is planned that a section of the highway in the Moscow and Vladimir regions with a length of 49 km will start working in test mode at the end of this year, the press service of the government notes.

It is planned that by road it will be possible to drive from Moscow to Kazan by car in 6.5 hours, from Moscow to Yekaterinburg – in 17.5 hours instead of the current 35 hours.