U.S. natural gas futures fell about 5 percent to a 19-month low on Wednesday. Natural gas spot prices (CFDS ON NATURA GAS) continued to fall in trading that began on Thursday, registering new daily losses until the writing of this report, -1.72%. After falling -6. 6% in yesterday’s trading session, it settled at 3.005 Mbtu. Advertisement Take advantage of today’s crude oil moves Trade Now US natural gas futures fell about 5 percent on Wednesday, hitting a 19-month low Wednesday. These losses are due to the deterioration of the cold weather forecast and the lower than expected heating demand next week. This price drop came despite positive expectations that call for higher than expected gas demand this week. Production has fallen over the past two days after cold weather caused wells to freeze at some production sites. Earlier this week, the Freeport LNG terminal said its export plant was ready to start operations after a seven-month pause pending regulatory approval, but some analysts stuck to their earlier estimates that it would take until February, March or even later. Until the plant actually begins to absorb a large amount of working gas. The , Freeport terminal is the second largest exporter of LNG in the US and is significant as the market expects gas prices to rise due to increased demand for it. When the plant restarts, the plant, which was shut down by a fire on June 8, 2022, will be able to store about 2.1 billion cubic meters of gas per day and convert it into fully operational LNG ready for export. Natural Gas Technical Analysis Technically, natural gas continued to decline in recent trading with a short-term downward trend along the slope as shown in the chart below for some time (daily). Negative pressure continued as it traded below the simple moving average over the previous 50-day period, and we are also noticing negative signals emerging. with relative strength indicators, as the price was able to remove its oversold areas, which was also evident in the previous one, breaking the previous support level of 3.098 in its last trades. Therefore, our expectations indicate that natural gas will continue to decline in future trade, especially until it stabilizes below 3.098 and targets the 2. 32 support level.