The main European stock indices end the day moderately higher (Italian shares fell a fraction). Germany DAX 0.01D Frances CAC 0.08D UK FTSE 100 0.27D SPANISH IBEX 0.3 D Italy FTSE MIB trended -0.05� in the trading week Spain DAX I,be, D11D, Germany Italy FTSE MIB 0. doe and the 200 and 100 tracking weekly moving averages. The 200 week moving average is 8 2 .69. The 200 week moving average is 8 78.20. The highest price reached between the 8 25.30 level today. Spanish Doe Spanish Doe Closes Near Weekly Moving Average Looking at the German Dax, it also closed near its main weekly moving average. Its 100-week moving average is 1 556.06. Today’s high rose to 1 571.66 just above that level but pulled back close. This 100-week moving average is the main barometer for this index in the new trading week. The movement above is more bullish. Holding below is more bearish.