After a car accident in 2019, the man was unable to work. However, his claim file with the insurer is not yet ready, because the insurer believes that the cause of his inability to work is his autoimmune disease. The man has been trying to convince his insurer for three years and recently started a hunger strike. A resident of Oléron Island (Charente-Maritime) was involved in a car accident in December 2019. As a result, he can no longer move without a cane and suffers constant physical pain that no longer enables him. jobs But his claim document is still not successful for the insurer, Sud Ouest reports. Battling His Insurer The insurance assesses that scleroderma, an autoimmune disease that a man has had for years, prevents him from working. A man in a difficult situation recently started a hunger strike. „I can’t take it anymore, I’m tired,” he admits. It hasn’t progressed in three years, I can’t work, I’m in a lot of debt and I can’t pay the rent. » In addition to the hunger strike, Oléronais also decided to stop chemotherapy, which limits the consequences of his disease. Immediately after the accident, the insurer offered him compensation, which was considered insufficient and therefore refused. Since then, the battle has continued. A man struggles to get the money he needs to survive and realizes the connection between the accident and his situation. Several experts The first examination by a doctor authorized by the insurance confirmed that his disability was indeed a traffic accident. But the opposing expert then presented an opposing opinion. The man, on the other hand, has nine medical certificates confirming that his current condition is the result of his car accident. But the insurance does not go away and still refuses to compensate the person. To reverse this, Oléronais must organize a new cross-examination at its own expense. A procedure for which he currently has no means of payment. A new hearing is scheduled for February 2023 at the court of La Rochelle.