Household consumption in France rose slightly by 0.2% in June, after a first month of rebound in May (+0.4% in data revised downwards) following two months of decline, reported INSEE on Friday.

„This slight increase is due to the sharp rebound in energy consumption (+3.1% after -2.7% in May)”, indicated the National Institute of Statistics.

Energy consumption was, in fact, driven by „the return to normal” of gas and electricity consumption (+4.5%), after a month of May in sharp decline (-5%) , and by „fuel consumption, and in particular gasoline” (+1.3% after a slight increase of 0.3% the previous month), commented INSEE in a press release.

Consumption of durable goods continued to increase (+0.7% after +0.3%), driven in particular by the „increase in purchases of new cars and to a lesser extent motorhomes”.

On the other hand, consumption „of manufactured goods” fell in June, by 0.7%, after an increase of 2.1% in May, due to the „sharp decline in consumption of clothing-textiles” (-4, 6% against +10.9% the previous month), according to INSEE.