Rather pessimistic expectations. According to a new monthly survey by the European Central Bank published on Thursday 4 August, consumers in the euro zone expect stagflation in the next twelve months, a cocktail of high inflation and sluggish growth .

The survey carried out during the month of June reveals that consumers in the euro zone are expecting a median inflation of 5% for the 12 months to come , while growth should be negative by 1.3% over the same period. , which suggests a period of deflation in the zone using the single currency.

The ECB will now publish this survey called „CES” (Consumer Expectations Survey) each month, based on an online questionnaire with around 14,000 consumers aged 18 and over in six countries: Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy. and Netherlands. These countries represent 85% of the GDP and 83.8% of the population of the region. „The survey helps us pursue our mission of price stability by improving the analytical basis of the ECB’s economic and monetary analysis,” the institution said in a statement.