On the daily chart below, we can see that the price broke through the 1681 resistance after the Fed’s Bullard (the hawk, the non-voting guy) announced a possible 50 basis points and a higher closing rate than anticipated at the March meeting in december 2022. It can also be seen that the price broke the RSI at resistance, so there was no momentum and as the fundamentals are still against the top at the moment, higher highs are unlikely to be seen. ETH / USD From the -hour chart below, we can see that buyers need to hold one of the Fibonacci rich levels and at 61.8% it is stronger because there is some previous resistance that may have now turned to support. However, given the fundamentals, we should see the sellers dominate right now. ETH/USD The 1 hour chart below has a textbook divergent setup with a king crown pattern. You will usually see price rally to a higher level, which is different from the momentum indicator, in this case the RSI. Then you have to wait until the price breaks the bottom and gives the first signal of a trend change. Finally, you expect the price to return to the Fibonacci retracement level, in which case we see the bottom joining the 38.2% level and the red long-term moving average. This should be the seller’s mark. The target is usually one of the Fibonacci extension levels, so either 127.2% or 161.8%. Here we see that 161.8% has more value because there is also previous resistance on the left.